5 Tips to Craft an Engaging Homepage

24 July 2016 /



An engaging homepage is the one that attracts and convincingly nudges your visitors/customers to click around the page, in order to satisfy their needs OR to explore their curiosity.

And the time it takes your visitors to decide whether they should stick around or bounce off your website = 5 to 10 SECONDS!

Yes, that's all you have – A maximum of 10-second-window, to make that first impression.

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Why Mobile Commerce is Changing the Way We Shop

19 July 2016 /



I can remember as a kid singing,

"He's got the whole world in his hands..."

Well today, according to research done  by AIMIA, 89% of us in Australia will have one or more mobile devices in our hands delivering the world to us.

The smartphone revolution has changed just about everything we do, and commerce is no exception. M-commerce (using your mobile to bank, pay bills or transact online), has been growing by 42% per annum.

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How Responsive Is Your Web Design?

17 July 2016 /



So the day has finally arrived.

You along with your team members are all excited to launch your company's new website – an identity of yourself. A brand that you painstakingly developed; your baby which you so carefully nurtured over the past couple of months.

 The question is:

·      Will your web pages perform the way you’ve predicted?

·      Will your targeted customers find their way to your products and
       services through the site content?

·      Will you generate enough traffic to convert leads and boost your sales

"How responsive is your web design?"

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Wholesale Revolution: How to sell more in a tightening economy.

5 July 2016 /



So you have hundreds of thousands of parts and your dealer network is always asking your Marketing Department for images and information for their website.

The management of this sort of work can be draining on resources and let's face it… the time drain is phenomenal.

Time to shift from push to pull mode, instead of selling to your resellers products all of the time why not sell your products off their website generating demand and the need to re supply will follow.

Imagine for a minute you could list and sell all of your products on your dealer networks website. This innovation from Element 7 Digital (E7D) could be just the thing for you. You can sell all of your parts on their website and have no maintenance issues.



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How to Keep Up With the New Era of Entrepreneurs

5 July 2016 /



You know, I woke up this morning feeling truly inspired.

Inspired, because the world is an amazing place.

Now more than ever it’s possible to match your experience with basic digital knowledge and reinvent an industry or the business you’re in through inbound marketing and digital strategy.  

Stay Relevant

When I was young, people called me a drop out for dreaming about being an Entrepreneur. Today the kid failing at school and selling stuff on the internet could be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Think of this for a second;

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Ebay E-commerce Integration

29 February 2016 /



With margins for business getting tighter and tighter, finding operational efficiencies is a must for companies trading in 2016. With the explosion of Ecommerce in the Automotive sector, companies are fast learning the art of efficient data handling.  

Element 7 Digital has been working with the Automotive industry for some time now and one of their innovations is set to save you huge amounts of time. The new “One Click” eBay Product Listing Module is basically an interface between a our Element 7 Digital Webstore and eBay. 

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