4 Key Elements To Recognise Before Kicking Off Your Social Media

7 November 2016 /



Social Media (SM) as we know today is no longer merely the humble interactive forum it used to be, where friends got together to casually chat and share their pictures.

With active social media users at a staggering 2.3 Billion (Smartinsights), it has turned into this giant beast where everyone from children, to small business, to big brands and corporates of the world are social. All chiming in to grab their piece of the Social Media ‘pie’.

While the foundation of Social Media has always been about connecting with people, it sure has turned into a vital marketing tool for savvy businesses and brands around the globe. Companies are using SM to amplify their brand reputations and boost their ‘bottom line’.

Is your business using social media to it's full potential? Take the test

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Lead Generation – The ‘Tipping Point’ in Inbound Marketing

4 November 2016 /

Call-To-Action, Landing Page

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say "The primary objective of any non-interruptive marketing, like Content or Inbound Marketing, is to reel in lots of organic traffic".

With the ‘content generation’ speed train hurling faster than ever, it seems every brand and marketer is fixated on the notion of generating huge amounts of traffic.

And rightly so, putting out great quality content to attract your desired ‘buyer personas’, is an integral part of any Inbound Marketing Strategy, which cannot be overlooked.

But is that the goal we’re after?

Not really, the last time I checked, marketing makes no sense if its efforts don’t translate to sales or generate new clients.

There’s no point in attracting a huge crowd of prospective customers, who leave empty handed. Metaphorically speaking, Where’s the joy in attracting a swarm of honeybees that hover over the flowers, but fly away without diving in to take a single drop of nectar?

The solution lies in integrating the right marketing system, which attracts and generates ‘Leads’ from traffic and carefully nurtures them through the Sales Funnels to convert them into customers.

 So, what’s a ‘Lead’?

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5 Reasons Why Content And Inbound Marketing Are King

2 November 2016 /



Is content king? You may have heard this phrase countless times since Bill Gates popularised it in 1996.

After almost two decades, it still rings true – especially in the digital world of Internet Marketers, SEOs, Bloggers, Tweeters… and the likes, inbound marketing is king.

In simple terms - any image, sound, video, text, document, application and message used for consumption or to engage users via the Internet is termed as Content or inbound marketing. 

Your Facebook status, which you changed this morning, the LinkedIn profile picture you recently updated, the weekly newsletter you just emailed to your clients, the promotional video of your new product you uploaded to YouTube, the pictures on Instagram you shared, or the podcasts or webinars your team hosted. These are some of the examples, which constitutes as ‘content’ – not to mention this blog post you are reading right now!

How Element 7 Digital can create alluring content for your business.

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Will A Cheap Website Propel Your Business Forward? Think Again!

31 October 2016 /



So you’ve built this awesome team, a great product and have even managed to secure a ‘sweet’ spot for your office space - right in the heart of a bustling business area.


A ‘promising’ start, but there's just one thing missing…


Yes, your virtual office address, your business website or online identity, a digital space to propel your business foward.


It goes without saying that, businesses in this day and age need websites to survive, let alone succeed. However, will a cheap website propel your business forward?


Now it’s up to you. Do you hire a professional designer for the job or do you roll up your sleeves and take a stab at the craft yourself - with a stock standard, cheap, DIY design platform. 


The latter is definitely tempting, being the cheaper alternative, and so is finding a low budget designer - who could ‘cobble’ a website together for you in a few days and then disappear with your hard-earned money!


Let’s say you opted for the cheaper option, how do you think these cheap sites would perform in the long run for your business?


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4 Tips To Leverage Influencers To Amplify Your ‘Audience Reach’.

28 October 2016 /



Have you heard about the ‘3/90’ phenomenon of the internet lately?

Here's what it translates to;  Just 3% of individuals generate 90% of the impact online!

And who you might ask, does this 3% of people comprise of?

Well, these three percent are none other than the ‘INFLUENCERS’.

Influencers are those celebrated few; topic experts, thought leaders, brand advocates, journalists, bloggers, industry analysts and successful entrepreneurs, who are on the top of their game, and possess the capacity to influence your buyers’ decisions.

Take for example names like; Seth Godin, Brian Clark, Joe Pulizzi, Neil Patel, Jay Baer, Jeff Bullas, Ann Handley, etc. These individuals, because of their (perceived or real) knowledge, authority, position or relationship, have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others.


‘Influence Marketing’ or ‘Influencer Marketing’ is the marketing strategy that works on the premise of building good relationships with the influencers, whereby they in turn will put out a good word for you, share your content or brand to make a positive impact in your business, and increase your audience reach.

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Understanding Content Marketing, A 3-Pronged Approach

26 October 2016 /


Some could argue that Content Marketing has been around since the Stone Age – reflected in the cave drawings of pre-historic men. Or in recent times, in the stories played out at bustling fish markets, where a fisherman touts at the top of his lungs – about how his fish is of a better quality and of an unbeatable price.

Come to think of it, the fisherman’s ‘sales pitch’ or the caveman’s drawings on the cave walls, illustrating how the ‘stone tools’ were used to kill a bear, is a visual ‘Guide’ for hunting maybe - both being stories.

A good, intriguing story can attract quite a number of audiences, and maybe enhance their experience and influence their behavior along the way - the underlying essence inherent in the definitions and the purpose of Content Marketing upheld to this very day.

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4 Killer Ideas To Be An Online Brand Maniac

24 October 2016 /


4 Killer Ideas To Be An Online Brand Maniac  

Gone are the days when loads of advertisements were pushed through television, radio, newspapers and billboards… and the common and rather ‘naïve’ citizens happily complied to, and accepted these marketing gimmicks.

We even sat around listening to the radio or watching the television with our families singing to the tunes and jingles of the next shiny object – an unavoidable spectacle of consumer goods, which the big brands and corporates of the world showcased, or rather shoved into our gullible minds, in the comfort of our living rooms.

And the majority of us believed, that in each of those product slogans and promises they were delivering, from UltraBrite – The sex appeal toothpaste’, to Lucky Strike cigarettes are less irritating to the throat – It’s toasted’.

Well, not anymore. Because, says Dan Pink – we’ve surpassed the ‘Information - Asymmetry-Buyer-Beware’ economy, and are currently living in the ‘Information-Parity-Seller-Beware’ economy.

"Learn The Lingo"

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Crucial Insights Into Crafting An Engaging Homepage

20 October 2016 /


An engaging homepage is the one that attracts and convincingly nudges your visitors/customers to click around the page, in order to satisfy their needs OR to explore their curiosity.

And the time it takes your visitors to decide whether they should stick around or bounce off your website = 5 to 15 SECONDS!

Yes, that’s all you have – A maximum of 15-second-window, to make that first impression.

The Human Tilt

As humans, we are always on the lookout to ‘connect’ and to receive that fulfilling and a stimulating experience.

Whether we are chatting with our friend, playing with our dog, appreciating a tulip in the garden or browsing the internet our intrinsic nature and drive is to connect, share and BELONG.

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How Responsive Is Your Web Design?

20 October 2016 /


So the day has finally arrived.  

You along with your team members are all excited to launch your company's new website – an identity of yourself. A brand that you painstakingly developed; your baby which you so carefully nurtured over the past couple of months. 

The questions are: 

  • Will your web pages perform the way you’ve predicted?
  • Will your targeted customers find their way to your products and services?
  • Will you generate enough traffic to convert leads and boost your sales funnel?

It really doesn’t matter how good your web page designs are or how excellent your content is. If the user or prospective clients, who visit your website via their smartphones or tablets, don’t receive a smooth and seamless browsing experience; within seconds they will vanish from your site and yes -THEY WILL LAND ON YOUR COMPETITOR’S TURF.  

"Are you being responsive?"

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Are You Being Responsive?

17 October 2016 /


Why Responsive Web Design (RWD) has become a crucial tool to your business and marketing arsenal.

Launched only a few years, RWD has since made a huge impact, in becoming the standard for a user friendly website, accessed by users with mobile devices.

If you haven’t already, the following are some reasons for your information as to why you should consider updating to a responsively built website;

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