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3 Powerful Examples How Microsites Rock Inbound Campaigns!!

Posted by Andy Fox on 12 January 2017

How many times have you entered a website and navigated through layers of pages and drop down menus to finally find what you were looking for?

Or worse, got so frustrated with the ‘digging’ that you preferred to click away and try your hand with another search query?

I guess we all have our fair share of experiences from time to time, which drive us ‘nuts’. And amongst many, one clear ‘culprit’ owing to such ‘frustration’ is - our ‘attention span’ which is plummeting… and currently stands below than that of a goldfish!

We've indeed grown increasingly impatient in recent years. Nowadays, we like to cut through the clutter and get into the ‘meat’ of things we’re searching for, as quickly as possible.


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3 Powerful ‘Blog Hacks’ To Improve Your Audience Engagement

Posted by Andy Fox on 10 January 2017


I don’t think I need to reiterate the power of - carefully crafted chunks of texts blended with preferably ‘captivating’ images (as an unavoidable marketing tool) - in channeling ‘traffic’ and eventually ‘profits’ to any online businesses.


Yet, here I am again emphasizing on the high ROI that a valuable, ‘audience-focussed’ content can bring about… Yes you guessed it right, I am talking about BLOGS!!

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Inbound Marketing Brilliance – The ‘Social Media’ Way

Posted by Andy Fox on 19 December 2016

Whenever the word Inbound pops up, it reminds me of Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot, who coined the term ‘Inbound Marketing’, in 2005.

Little did we know back then, this new approach would take the ‘marketing world’ by storm, and ‘disrupt’ how businesses and marketers operate and thrive in this ‘neo-digital’ realm of the 21st Century, ruled by internet, emails, websites, blogs, apps, and of course.... social media!


Today, 73% of marketers are using the ‘Inbound’ Strategy to propel their businesses by attracting their targeted audience, and converting them into loyal customers.


Yes, the essence of ‘inbound’ lies not in ‘interrupting’ but rather in ‘ATTRACTING’. The only plausible ground now, for any businesses to survive, grow and shine in this highly interconnected and fast-paced world, which has drastically evolved from its traditional ‘Information-Asymmetry-Buyer-Beware’ norms, to a more sophisticated Information-Parity-Seller-Beware’ culture.


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5 Critical Steps In Creating A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by Andy Fox on 16 December 2016

The State of Inbound 2016 study report revealed that, Companies are 3 times more likely to see higher ROI on inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound campaigns.

So, as you set out to craft your first Inbound Marketing Campaign, which is already the norm for a whopping 84% of small businesses, around the globe, let's touch on some basics on what a ‘Campaign’ really is…

The team at Unbounce define ‘Campaign’ as: A series of marketing activities designed to achieve clearly defined goals within a specified time frame.

The Hubspot people say: An inbound marketing campaign is simply a concentrated effort to attract leads and customers who are interested in a particular topic, or have a specific need

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5 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Following

Posted by Andy Fox on 12 December 2016

5 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Following  

In this ‘new’ digital age, we've certainly evolved in the way we communicate, absorb or exchange information. We rarely find articles and blog posts of today without any images
or any form of visuals…

This tilt towards the ‘visuals’, is but a natural drive of our brain. It's believed that 90% of information sent to our brain is of a ‘visual’ kind and it seems to process visuals 60000 times faster than it does text.

The ‘tell-tale’ signs of this ‘shift’ from text to visual are even more prominent in most Social Media platforms, where 66% of updates are in fact ‘visual’ content.

And with over 110 million monthly users already sharing 50 billion pins on the social sharing channel, Pinterest is increasingly becoming the ‘go to’ platform for B2B and B2C marketers.

So without further ado, let’s proceed to explore a few ways to help increase your Pinterest following:

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BLOGSpeaK 4.0 – Learn From The Influencers

Posted by Andy Fox on 7 December 2016

Did you know that ‘blog’ came into existence from the word ‘weblog’?

Yes, it was initially made popular as a ‘journal’ or a ‘diary’, written and posted online.

If you look at the blogs of today, they sure have evolved from their modest past of ‘personal musings and stories of the author’, to highly focused content, measured, tracked and optimised to market, and attracting a sizeable following of audiences through disruptive ‘digital strategies’ -  all in the pursuit of establishing a brand and making big money!!!

And only a few bloggers, solopreneurs and digital businesses have been able to ‘make it big’ when it comes to creating,  good content, huge fan base and massive revenue, through this ‘art’ called blogging.

If you do a quick search for such big earners and authority figures in the Blogosphere, names such as; Michael Arrington, Brian Clark, Neil Patel, Joe Pulizzi, Rand Fishkin, Darren Rowse, Pete Cashmore, Yaro Starak, Gary Vaynerchuk… would immediately jump to your screen.

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3 Tips To Optimise Landing Pages To Boost Conversions

Posted by Andy Fox on 5 December 2016

It's quite obvious that at the end of the day every marketer and salesperson want to sell their product and bring in a sizeable volume of customers on board.

Because no matter how massive your site visits are, or how good your product is, or how strategic and focused your Marketing Plan is, it basically boils down to urging those visitors, leads and customers to step into the next stage of the sales funnel… which eventually should result in – the visitors actually purchasing something from you.

One likely culprit that could be hindering your chances of acquiring these customers could be your ‘unoptimised’ Landing Pages…

Yes these prospective customers could be simply ‘bouncing off’ your Landing Page, because it's not interesting, compelling, valuable or simply not ‘good enough’ for
them to opt in! 

A well optimised Landing Page can work wonders when it comes to ‘Conversions’.

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3 Tips To Jumpstart ‘Instagram Marketing’ For Your Business

Posted by Andy Fox on 2 December 2016


Who would have thought that a mobile photo and video sharing application like Instagram was to take Social Media by storm in just a few years, since its launch in 2010?

With an astounding increase of 100 million users since September 2015, Instagram currently (2016) has an active monthly user access of 500 million!

Brands like; Adidas, Levis, Audi, Coca-Cola, Mercedes and many more, have already started taking advantage of this platform to market their brand and products to find and establish
a loyal customer base.

Being the preferred social sharing channel for teens and young Millennials, Instagram receives over 95 million daily posts, with 4.2 billion likes – A good enough reason I should say, for any B2B or B2C companies to jump on this bandwagon and bolster their Inbound Marketing game.

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3 Crucial Bases for Your Social Media Strategy

Posted by Andy Fox on 30 November 2016

How often do you log into your Social Media channels to update, check or share new posts?

I guess the answer would be ‘a lot’; or else I suspect it is definitely on the rise; because as per The 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report  - 63% of marketers use social media for 6 hours or more; 39% for 11 or more hours and almost 19% spend more than 20 hours on a weekly basis!

Now, you may fall under any of those percentile brackets, but it is given that in recent years, with the emergence of multiple new social media platforms (including the ‘usual suspects’ like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) – we may be going for the ‘overkill’, when it’s concerned with social media activities.

However, on the brighter side, a whopping 89% of all marketers indicate that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses; and 75% report achieving positive results, when it comes to Increasing traffic.

How do we then, not get overwhelmed with this rise in social sharing channels; but instead cut through this ‘buzz’ surrounding Social Media and achieve the ROIs that we so desire to manifest through our marketing efforts?

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A ‘Reality Check’... What Really Drives Your SEO Success?

Posted by Andy Fox on 28 November 2016

Did you know that according to Mashable (2015), Google receives over 100 billion searches a month? 

That’s right, a staggering number of people looking for answers in Google for their search queries, either as keywords, phrases or as voice searches. Given this fact, it clearly makes sense when 66% of marketers are saying that improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority!

Much of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as we know it, delves around ranking high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of Search Engines like; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc., for targeted ‘keywords’ that relate to our industry and to the likes of our targeted audiences or, ‘Buyer Personas’.

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