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Account Based Marketing (ABM): A Hyper-Focused Approach Of ‘Fishing With A Spear’!!

Posted by Andy Fox on 18 July 2017

Some like to call it ‘zero waste’ marketing, some define it as ‘fishing with spears’ rather than casting wide nets, and many are now increasingly being assured that Account Based Marketing (ABM) is key to building ‘laser-focused’ relationships with your key customer accounts in today’s B2B market space! 

And the stats seem quite promising too – Today almost 85% of marketers are stating that Account Based Marketing (ABM) is delivering serious ROIs than any other B2B marketing approaches. 

Now, we’re all aware of how the traditional internet marketing tactics (since 2000) which are based on appealing to, and attracting as many companies as possible within the target market - in other words ‘casting wide nets' with marketing campaigns, to attract more traffic to the sites with the motive to capture and convert as many leads as possible. 

But as it was getting difficult to stand out in the highly competitive content marketing crowd, where 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day – the concept of attracting as many fish into the net and hoping to have a few keepers, took a flip turn… 

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