How To Nurture Customers Into Raving ‘Brand Evangelists’.

20 April 2017 /

Business, Branding, Customer Feedback


Let’s say you’ve just thought about purchasing a new smartphone for yourself, and have begun browsing the internet for popular brands that match your budget and lifestyle. 

It’s no surprise that within minutes, you’ll be bombarded with a long list of benefits and features for different models from numerous brands. 

Now, would you choose to confuse yourself with these sleek, tempting advertisements, or rather opt to explore video reviews of similar smartphone brands on social media, made by customers who actually own and have tested the product? 

I would ‘hands down’ choose the reviews of ‘real’ customers. Who wouldn’t? After all we’re all looking for ‘social proof’, or an assurance that conveys more ‘authenticity’ through valid, concrete experiences, ratings and testimonials shared by our ‘fellow customers’. 

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Creating Great Customer Experience – A Peek Into Trends Of The Digital Tomorrow!

17 April 2017 /

Business, Buyers Journey, Branding


Have you realised that in the ‘not-so-distant’ past, all it needed for brands to create a good ‘customer experience’ was to simply make the goods ‘available’ at the store? 

And as for the customers, even those who lived on the outskirts of the town, they too happily obliged in taking a 30 minute ride (longer  time if  travelling  farther), into the next ‘big town’, spent the day shopping in stores for consumables and other goods, then returned home with a big smile on their face and referred to it as having a great shopping experience! 

How about today?  Would you go through that drill to buy your groceries, or do some shopping? I highly doubt it, because today we live in a different world. 

A world where you can shop for your groceries, clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, infact, almost everything under the sun, all from your ‘smart phone’ or hand held device, and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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‘Brand Storytelling’ – Content Marketing Strategy With The Power To CONNECT!!

27 March 2017 /

Business, Content Marketing, Branding


Did you know that every second Google receives 40,000 search queries? Which makes for about 3.5 billion searches per day!  Other estimates indicate that; each year 5.3 trillion ads are shown online and an average consumer processes over 100,500 digital words daily.

Given the statistics, to say ‘we’re inundated with information’ would be an understatement. And it gets one thinking – how can any brand get its message across amidst such a ‘deafening’ cacophony of ‘content’, which engulfs us every time we go online? 

Yet we see people who commute to their office every day, take that extra ‘two-kilometre’ detour to Starbucks for their favourite Frappuccino, passing many coffee shops and baristas on the way. 

We also time and again witness the long line of dedicated fans queuing since the wee hours of the morning outside Apple’s store around the globe, to get hold of the new iPhone to be released that day. 

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