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5 Easy Steps To Creating An EBook For Your Lead Magnet!

Posted by Andy Fox on 30 March 2017


If you’re one of those marketers who’s been blogging for some time now, you must have already written an ‘eBook’ or are definitely toying with the idea to create one for your ‘Lead Magnet’. 

The idea of creating an ‘offer’ of a 20-page ‘professional looking’ document (an eBook) which can help you capture hundreds, if not thousands of leads, is quite realistic, and many top bloggers have found incredible success with it. 

As per 2016 Content Preferences Survey, 67% of B2B buyers have used eBook content to base their purchasing decisions. eBooks play a crucial role in ‘lead generation’, a ‘Tipping Point’ in any effective Inbound Marketing Program, after which the leads are further nurtured through the Sales Funnels to be converted into customers. 

Creating an eBook of value, that upholds your brand’s credibility, presence and authority on the given topic can feel like a daunting task, especially when you may have to take on many roles, such as a marketer, writer, designer and maybe even a content strategist, to bring it to fruition. 

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