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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Your Following On Instagram!

Posted by Andy Fox on 26 July 2017


Did you know the co-founder of INSTAGRAM, Kevin Systrom, attributes his success with the social sharing app to ‘luck’? 

His theory however has a catch to it; he says, “Everyone gets lucky for some amount in their life. And the question is, are you alert enough to know you’re being lucky or you’re becoming lucky?” 

Guess Kevin’s alertness paid off as he didn’t leave any stone unturned, when he got ‘lucky’ with his idea for the ‘photo sharing’ app, Instagram – a massive success, which is still soaring to greater heights, even though he sold it to Facebook in 2012 for $1Billion! 

However, it wasn’t just the photo-sharing feature that caught on with the masses – only when, along with his fellow co-founder Mike Krieger,  Kevin came up with the ingenuity of adding flattering photo filters, the App's popularity took a massive surge. 

Today 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram per day by 400 million daily active users; whereas its monthly active users have reached a whopping 700 million. 

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How To Create Engaging Content With INSTAGRAM Stories.

Posted by Andy Fox on 23 June 2017


Most of us know Instagram as this social media application that has won the hearts of many by inspiring us to share mobile photos and videos to our friends, relatives and followers. 

With an active monthly users of over 700 million and daily users of 400 million; Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, currently receives 4.2 billion likes per day! 

And to offer more value to their users, Instagram recently (Aug 2016) introduced their new feature ‘Instagram Stories’; which many claim to have a striking resemblance to Snapchat Stories. Within two months into their launch, Instagram Stories registered with 100 million daily active users and currently over 200 million people use Instagram Stories every day. 

What Does An Instagram Story Look Like?   

As soon as you log in to your Instagram App, you’ll see the latest Instagram Stories from the people you follow at the top of your feed, as in the image below which features influencers like Mark Zuckerberg and Gary Vaynerchuk:

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