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Making The Most Of Your ‘Marketing Automation’ Machines.

Posted by Andy Fox on 14 July 2017

As a marketer, the idea of ‘Marketing Automation’ – via a software that is able to automate repetitive tasks of sending emails, newsletters, social messages and campaigns; able to generate and nurture leads at various stages of buyers’ journey; and to ultimately help convert these prospects into loyal customersis simply an ‘irresistible’ one! 

With the arrival of these software or ‘Marketing Automation’ machines just over a decade ago, it has enticed the entire digital marketing world and proved its worth as an effective, scientific tool, which enables you to automate your marketing actions much quicker and achieve business growth at scale. 

But along the way, it has also gathered quite a bit of criticism (all due to lack of understanding of its functionality), and I kid you not, it is not a magic bullet – not exactly something you plug into your system and miraculously expect it to reel in leads and customers in droves… 

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Topics: Content, Buyers Journey, Marketing Automation