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5 Key Elements Of A Killer Sales Presentation.

Posted by Andy Fox on 15 June 2017


Have you ever been at a ‘sales presentation’ where you’re only 10 minutes into the presentation and have already decided you don’t want to buy from the ‘seller’,  and instead you’ve actually made the decision to give your business to the closest competitor? 

I’m sure we’ve all encountered such ‘lackluster’ of a sales narrative time and again, which immediately sends us slouching back to our chairs or glancing at our watches, in the hope that the presentation finishes soon, so we can get on with our day. 

A study by Prezi revealed that 70% of workers (US), who present regularly agreed that presentations are critical to their success at work, and 75% of the presenters surveyed indicated that they would like to improve their presentation skills.

 And if you happen to be on the ‘giving’ and not the ‘receiving’ end of this equation, let’s not forget that even the smartest ‘pitch’ with beautifully designed slides decks will fall short if it’s not relevant to the prospects’ needs,  or if it does not actively engage them in the ‘conversation’. 

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4 Key Insights For Effective Phone Prospecting Strategy!

Posted by Andy Fox on 26 May 2017

Yes, you read it right. I'm most definitely talking about picking up your phone and making those ‘dreaded’ sales calls to prospective customers in the pursuit to arrange a sales meeting, which we all hope will result in a sale, and bag a new customer/client for our team. 

Such face-to-face telephone calls made by sales reps for the first time without any appointments, goes with various names in the marketing and sales world; telephone canvassing, phone prospecting, ‘door-knocking’, or the much talked about: cold calling! 

The advent of emails, online marketing, inbound tools and CRM softwares have clearly ushered in a new age of sales strategies and processes, that have completely dwarfed and negated the possibility of a good ole’ outbound telephone sales calls. 

The ‘word’ which has been around, for almost two decades now is: “Cold calling is obsolete”; “No more cold calling” or, “Cold calling is dead!”is it really? 

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5 Examples Of Killer Newsletters To Up Your Email Marketing Strategy!

Posted by Andy Fox on 24 May 2017


Consider this...  No matter how massively social media has evolved into a ‘tool’ to capture the digital marketing game, if you’re looking for a ‘direct’ and a more ‘personalised’ communication between you and your audience/customers, Email Marketing still takes the top rung of the ‘marketing ladder’! 

Or else, why are people pushing 269 billion email messages every day? 

It could well be true that out of 121 emails that an average worker receives in a day, 50% turn out as spam mails, nevertheless, as per Direct Marketing Association, Email Marketing is estimated to yield a staggering 4300% ROI. 

When every $1 spent on email marketing, gives an average return of $44.25 and when it's considered nearly 40 times more effective in acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined, it begs to reconsider the common belief - ‘email marketing is dead’.

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