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7 Effective Marketing Tips For Your Startup Success!

Posted by Andy Fox on 10 August 2017

For the entrepreneurs amongst us, the dream has always been to take our ‘startup’ business to its highest possible success… to be the next fortune 100 companies… to be as good as the Virgin Inc or Amazon, or the next Tesla if you will. 

However, many are left far behind when it comes to fulfilling their dreams; in fact 50% of startups fail within 5 years into operation; and that number could reach as high as 75% for some venture-backed companies! 

It’s obvious that a great product alone is not enough for a company to succeed, and neither does any amount of brilliant marketing make a ‘poor-quality’ product, loved by the masses. Startups that find success for years on end are the ones that have both a great product and great marketing. 

Some estimates even claim that nine out of ten startups will fail - An alarming truth and a powerful ‘eye-opener’ which suggests we do our due ‘homework’ before jumping into investing in a startup of our own. 

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