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5 Powerful Insights To Create A ‘High-Performance’ Team!

Posted by Andy Fox on 20 July 2017


Have you realised that the moment you walk into an organisation having ‘high performing’ teams, you can feel the difference right away? 

You know the type, where the ambience is ‘buzzing’ with highly energised people, employees going about their jobs with a cheerful demeanor and working together with a clear purpose of ‘getting things done’. 

Such teams of highly ‘engaged individuals’ is ‘key’ to producing a successful company. As Jeffery Liker, author of ‘The Toyota Way’ puts it aptly, “the center of TPS (Toyota Production System) is people. A common phrase heard around Toyota is “before we build cars we build people.” 

It sure does revolve around building the right kind of people, culture, leaderships and efficient processes, however, as it also turns out, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to creating a high performing team… 

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Emotional Intelligence: The Key Element In High Performance Leadership!

Posted by Andy Fox on 6 June 2017


Have you ever bought a major item, such as a car, home or even a mobile phone from a salesperson you didn’t quite trust or like? I guess not. And the reverse it seems, is always true – we buy things from people we like or trust. 

Daniel Kanneman, a Nobel laureate and author of the best-selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, found through his study on psychology and behavioural economics that -  people would rather do business with a person they like and trust rather than with a person they don’t,  even if the person is offering better products at lower prices. 

Now, that clearly is a story where - people skills of a sales rep is winning the heart and mind of the buyer, even though ‘rationally’ one would reject the product as it was priced much higher than the regular rates. People skills which exudes confidence, composure, trustworthiness, likability and the ability to understand the buyer’s viewpoint and emotions. In other words ‘Emotional Intelligence’! 

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