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Snapchat Geofilters: 5 Brilliant Examples To Tap Its Incredible ‘Reach’ Potential!

Posted by Andy Fox on 2 August 2017

Did you know Snapchat is now the 2nd most favourite social network across US (Facebook being the 1st) surpassing Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Given its current 301 million monthly active users, who are creating 3 billion+ snaps per day and watching over 10 billion videos in a day - it's no wonder that this social networking channel (which started off as a simple photo messaging App), today holds immense potential for businesses and marketers to engage with their target audiences. 

Much of the buzz surrounding Snapchat are their creative and fun-loving features like lenses, Snapchat Stories, Chat, Our Story,  and our focus for this post – the Geofilters.

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SNAPCHAT Done Right - 7 Clever Ways To Fuel Your Social Strategy!

Posted by Andy Fox on 27 June 2017


Frankly speaking, I wasn’t familiar with the word
ephemeral, until Snapchat entered my social world with its ephemeral, ‘transient’, ‘short-lived, or say ‘disappearing’ photo messages. 

I’m guessing this rings true for most of us reading this post - Snapchat did add a new word to our vocabulary, and this one is not going to ‘disappear’ from our memories any time soon! 

What started out in 2011, as a photo messaging App in the IOS platform with the name ‘Picaboo’, eventually got the name Snapchatwhich is now the ‘staple’ social channel for over 150 million people who use it on a daily basis, enabling it to surpass Twitter in daily usage. 

Within a year of its operation, Snapchat lovers were sending 20 million snaps per day. And just two months after that, the number reached 50 milliona ‘tell-tale’ sign that this ‘disappearing act’ was not just a fun way for millennials and generation ‘Z’ to share ‘selfies’ with their friendsbut to take the Social Media by storm! 

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