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9 Proven Growth Hacks To Increase Your TWITTER Followers!

Posted by Andy Fox on 4 August 2017

If you’re one of those marketers who’ve realised Twitter’s growth rate in recent years has slowed down, and are having second thoughts regarding marketing your business on the social network – you're not alone. 

However, let me also assure you - Even though the growth rates of newer ‘image/video-based’ or more ‘visually stimulating’ networks like Instagram and Snapchat have surpassed that of Twitter, it barely undermines the opportunities that Twitter has to offer for the growth of your business… 

Frankly, when it comes to Social Media, Twitter is a ‘different BEAST’ altogether. The fact that it has a widespread user base (79% of users are outside US); and is currently loved by 300 million monthly active users; 80% of whom access it via mobile – paints a completely different picture! 

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