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How To Run A ‘Highly Converting’ WEBINAR In 4 Easy Steps!

Posted by Andy Fox on 3 April 2017

In the world of Content Marketing, today webinars have gained immense popularity with top performing marketers and bloggers. 

Through to the core, webinars are just another form of ‘content’, due to their intrinsic attribute of being much more ‘interactive’, ‘visible’ and ‘realistic’ than other content forms. Webinars have been instrumental in converting many subscribers into customers. 

Do you know why today more than 60% of marketers are using webinars as their content marketing strategy? Well, one logical reason could be, 40%-50% of the registrants actually attend the webinars they register for

Another promising estimate says that 30%-40% of visitors who come across a webinar landing page turn into qualified leads

Audiences naturally give more value to webinars as they can immediately relate the ‘message being imparted with the messenger’ via live interactions. Seeing an ‘authority’ figure speak to you and answer your queries on the topic of your interest in real time, is much more fulfilling than going through a blogpost on the same topic, which is more of a ‘one way’ traffic and many of your queries could go unanswered. 

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